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MAXICRAFTS is a company that has built its reputation on the strong pillars of high quality wrought-iron crafting and exceptional customer-care.  Educating our team on customers expectations and striving to meet or exceed those expectations has been the company's 'modi operandi' (mode of operation).

We are a diversified wrought-iron experts company holding both Residential and Commercial Kenya Contractor Licenses.  We are fully insured and believe in giving quality service and product for a fair price in both local and international markets. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service and professional approach to each and every project regardless of the size.

Within the last years we have focused more of our resources specializing in Ornamental Iron Design and Fabrication, especially for any iron railings, up & over remote controlled garage doors, wrought-Iron furniture (both indoor and outdoor), customized foot bridges, old English doors, ornamental wrought-iron framed mirrors, Estate & Garden Gates, burglar-proof doors and window grills, customized machine-cut outdoor and indoor signage, Stained-glass deco, customized curtain rods and associated accessories.

Quality is Paramount: Every customer gets what they pay for or more.......nothing less.  We take the time to educate ourselves on your expectations and do all we can within reason to meet or exceed those expectations.  Re-work is not an acceptable option for MAXICRAFTS, we strive to perform the job the right way the first time. 

Our Products: are hand-made from high grade metal, wrought-iron, aged hardwood and spray-coated with supreme paints and varnishes that we source from reputable suppliers both locally and abroad. This aspect of our production guarantees that our products are able to with-stand the effects of weathering whether the installations are made indoor / outdoor.


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Time is Precious: We have been in the building industry for well over a decade and we understand the concept of time over cost in a building project, thus, we endeavor to work within our clients building schedule to deliver and fit our products and our vast and experienced work-force ensures that we are capable of servicing multiple building sites (residential/ commercial) while ensuring high quality and precision in our design, crafting and fittings

Staying ahead of the Pack: We are constantly evolving our designs and craftsmanship and encourage our customers to submit their own designs for customized products. At MAXICRAFTS, we believe that our ability to adapt and enhance on the latest market designs plays a key role in maintaining and asserting our placement as the Market Leader in Wrought-Iron Craftsmanship

Your Never Alone: Customer-care is key in our service delivery. We take time to advice our clients on designs and fittings to ensure that esthetic harmony is achieved within the project

We Stand Behind Our Products: All our products and fittings come with a 5 five year service warranty as a testimony that we stand behind our commitment to deliver high-quality products to all our clients. We get it right the first time!

Our Door is Always Open: We look forward to working with you in the near future and appreciate any opportunity in showing you our excellent quality and service.