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MAXICRAFTS is a professionally operated company, we pride ourselves in our quality craftmanship and hands-on approach in our customer relations. Whether you are a Contractor or a Residential customer you are guaranteed to have a great experience. All Job sites are supervised by MAXICRAFTS management, which is why we back up all our products with a 5 year craftsmanship warranty.

This may give the impression that we are more expensive than others, Exactly the opposite! We will not be underbid by any qualified company and when we lower our price to beat our competitors rest assured that we will not lower our product quality or cut any corners, and why would we with a 5 year service warranty tagged on all our products?

So if your looking for great craftsmanship without the hassle of picking out all the details that didn't get completed or that need fixed, look no further, With vast experience and extreme attention to detail, you have found the right company for all your wrought-iron needs and this is what we offer:








  1. Installation of automated gates, electric fences and cctv cameras
  2. Wrought-iron furniture for both indoor and garden furniture
  3. Bull bars and side bars for vehicles
  4. Wrought iron mirror frames
  5. Wrought Yard
  6. Beautifully Secure
  7. Iron Mongery Construction Solutions
  8. Rustic Finish
  9. All Shades
  10. Anti-Rich Finish
  11. Historic & Modern
  12. All in a nut shell
  13. Up & Over Garage Doors
  14. Stained Glass finishes
  15. SWING/SLIDING GATES (automatted/ manually operated).